Heat distribution systems

It's now time to manage heat distribution!

EPA certified wood fireplaces generate a lot of heat. For the most part, they generate too much for the room where they are located. Therefore, you need to manage the excess heat and send it where it is needed. To provide a solution, our research and development laboratory has designed the Heat Management System, an innovative technology that allows the recovery of the heat produced during combustion to redirect it into distribution ducts to heat other areas in your home.


Forced Air Distribution Kit

This system allows you to manage the heat distribution automatically. Using a wall thermostat, you can select the temperature you want to maintain in the room where the fireplace is located. Once the thermostat is satisfied, the excess heat is redirected to another room up to 50 feet (15 m) away from the fireplace using a 300 CFM blower. That way, you can enjoy a nice fire in your living room without the discomfort of excess heat generated by your Osburn fireplace.

The system can also be used to supplement heat in a room remote from the fireplace. For this type of application, the thermostat needs to be positioned in the desired room and programmed with the temperature to be maintained. The system, now in "heat mode", will activate the blower as long as the temperature in the remote room is not achieved and that the fireplace has enough heat to distribute.

Download the installation instructions for Forced Air Distribution Kit (AC01340)

Download the installation instructions for Forced Air Distribution Kit (VA4460)

Osburn offers you another way to distribute excess heat into your home with the help of a hot air gravity distribution kit.


Hot Air Gravity Distribution Kit

The hot air gravity distribution kit allows you to bring hot air into the same room as the fireplace, in adjacent rooms, or up-stairs at a maximum distance of 10' (3 m). The minimum height of the hot air duct must be 68" (1.7 m) measured from the floor to the top of the hot air register.

Suggested installation: A) Wall thermostat B) 300 CFM blower C) Hot air flexible pipe D) Hot air rigid pipe E) Air register. The information contained in this page is for information purpose only. For a detailed part list of kits content, please refer to the installation instructions or owner's manuals.