ROBAX® NightFlame. Fascinating. Even without fire.

With ROBAX® NightFlame, a wood stove is always an esthetic experience. The special fire-viewing panel made of semi-transparent black glass-ceramic shows the atmospheric play of flames when the stove is on. But when the panel is turned off, it hides ash and soot – a discreet privacy screen in a modern design.

Thanks to the semi-transparent black fire-viewing panel, you can experience a blazing wood fire with an almost untouched flame color. And when the fire is no longer burning, the fire-viewing panel reduces the view into the combustion chamber, of residues and ash inside. This makes the fireplace a visual highlight during the day and evening throughout the year – perfect for any living ambience.

Pure fire experience

ROBAX® NightFlame ensures a familiar yet incomparable fire experience when turned on. When switched off, it reduces the view into the combustion chamber with its residues and dirt, making it your choice whether to clean the appliance after it’s cooled down or just before the next firing.